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on Selling with Wix



  • Ins and Outs of Wix: Overview of Wix platform, its features, and benefits.

  • Understand Wix Design: Basics of Wix website design, templates, and customization options.

  • Master Wix Tools: Utilizing Wix Editor, Wix Studios, and other advanced features.



  • Understand Client Needs Assessment: How to understand client requirements and propose suitable Wix solutions.

  • Manage Project Planning or Online Orders: Steps to plan and organize Wix website design projects effectively.

  • ImproveClient Communication: Best practices for client communication and managing expectations.



  • Build and Display Your Portfolio: Creating a compelling portfolio showcasing your Wix website design projects.

  • Market Your Services & Share Your Story: Strategies for marketing your Wix website design services online and offline.

  • Network like a Boos and Build Partnerships: Leveraging networks and partnerships to gain referrals and collaborations can change the game for you.

Selling Techniques

Learn the key to..

  • Pricing Your Services and Products to sell: Determining pricing strategies for different types of Wix website design projects.

  • Proposal Writing and Copywriting: Crafting persuasive proposals and quotes or product descriptions for what you're selling

  • Closing Deals: Techniques for closing sales and converting leads into clients. Do you know what to say, when to say and how to say it?

What we'll cover:



  • Implement Systems: Better understanding how your Wix Backend works 

  • Automate Processes: Implementing custom functionalities



  • SEO: Finishing your SEO plan and reading your Analytics is key to getting found in Google. 

  • Marketing Strategy: Create Email Marketing campaigns and automate your emails. 



  • Fresh Content: Regular maintenance and updates

  • Faster Site Speed: Optimizing your website performance and speed is key to keeping more visitors on your site. 

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